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We are based in China, but present everywhere in the world. Our agents and distributors play an important role to our growth. Therefore if you are interested to be a part of the growth, then we would be most pleased to get to know you.

If you are interested to become our agent or distributor in your country, then we would appreciate if you could take the time to fill in your contact details in below form, or you can e-mail us directly with your contact details to .


Support for our agents

Service Quality

JUNZHUO MACHINERY is one of the leading international manufacturers of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Highest quality is our benchmark throughout product development, design and production. This consistent call for premium quality and the goal of always meeting such premium standards also define our services.

Our customers can be sure that we will handle their requests promptly and to their complete satisfaction. They can rely on the expertise of highly qualified and JUNZHUO MACHINERY certified service staff. As the manufacturer we know our products better than anybody else. This ensures efficient maintenance and fast troubleshooting.

Premium Service

Our service portfolio is focused on what is most important for our customers:

Preserving durability and measurement accuracy of JUNZHUO equipment.
Customized service strategy.
An all-round service that saves time and resources.
Quick support in the event of fault.
Hands-on training courses and workshops.

Sales Promotions & Incentives

Regular sales campaigns are organized to help agents meet their sales target. Our agents receive regular up-dates on their production

Competitive price.
Products leaflet / brochures.
Propaganda Poster.
Advertisement online/off-line.
Inquiry forward.
Satisfied payment terms.

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