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YK Series Oscillating Granulator

JUNZHUO MACHINERY YK Series single rotor oscillating granulator consists of the YK60, YK80, YK100, YK140, YK160, YK250, YK320 and YK350 model, covers a full range of capacities from 50kg/h up to 1200kg/h.
Double Rotor Series consists of the YK160S, YK250S, YK320S, YK350S and YK400S model, covers a full range of capacities from 200kg/h up to 4500kg/h.

We provide two kinds of oscillating granulators, one is single rotor type, and another is double rotor type.

Single Rotor Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator is used for both wet and dry granulation process. Oscillating Granulators make quality of granules better. The unique oscillatory rotor action ensures high output and efficient granulation.

JUNZHUO MACHINERY can provide all the spare parts, such as the rotor, screen sieve and hand wells. Screen sieves can be made by perforated plate or mesh sieve or nylon, it just depends on your requirement. Our gear reducer is totally enclosed in the machine body and its lubrication system improves the lifetime of the mechanical components.

General Speaking

Single rotor oscillating granulator can meet the requirement of most clients, from lab test to large scale production. (YK60 to YK350)

Product Parameters

ModelYK-60YK-60 NewYK-80YK-100YK-140YK-160YK-160DYK-160ZYK-250YK-250DYK-250ZYK-320YK-320DYK-320ZYK-350
Capacity  (kg/h)1-151-1515-5030-20080-30050-300100-400100-400150-550200-600300-600300-800300-800300-800400-1200
Rotor Size  (mm)606080120140160160160250250250320320320350
Power  (kw)0.550.550.751.
Rotor Speed  (r/min)656555555560554040-5040-504035353535
Overall Size (mm)430*190*475520*300*875950*300*610700*400*1050900*620*1050850*820*1080950*780*12101160*720*12501150*820*12701250*950*13001700*900*13501400*800*15001450*800*15001700*900*14002100*860*1540
Weight  (kg)3060801501802103004506007501000800105012501250

Double Rotor Oscillating Granulator

With powerful motors, adjustable speed, and carefully engineered oscillation for maximum efficiency and minimum energy requirement, these machines produce granular materials of the highest quality and consistency. Small amounts of active ingredients and the liquid binder that locks the powder as granules to prevent segregation.

All granulators in the series are built from stainless steel, and constructed to meet GMP standards. They are simple to operate and maintain, easy to clean, and designed to satisfy the stringent hygiene requirements needed for food production. They are also rugged and durable, with minimal maintenance needs, and will provide reliable operation for many years into the future.

General Speaking

Double rotor oscillating granulator is working smoother with the design of two groups of rotors, which can improve capacity effectively. We also can provide ODM&OEM production. (YK160S to YK400S)

Product Parameters

Rotor Diameter  (mm*2)160160160250250320320320350400
Rotor Speed  (r/min)45403540383535353528
Swaying Angle360°360°360°360°360°360°360°360°360°360°
Granules Diameter  (mm)1-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-5
Motor Power (kw)5.57.5111115111518.518.522
Capacity  (kg/h)200-550300-700300-700350-1000400-1000400-1200400-1200500-1200500-15001800-4500
Overall Dimension (mm)1150*720*11301220*720*12201350*800*12501400*950*15201550*950*15201840*1060*14101850*1060*14102000*1060*14502150*1100*15402500*1680*1900
Approx. Weight (kg)6507007801100125012501350150018002600


In compliance with cGMP guidelines. 

Robust and durable.

Continuous oscillating stirrers drive.

Very compact design.

Simple screen holding and tensioning device.

Efficient and dependable.

Screen in different size / durable / cost effective. 

Castors provided for mobility.

Easy to operate / clean / maintain.

Entire working zone and stirrer can be dismantled quickly.

Which Fields Can We be Used in?

Oscillating granulator is used for gentle homogenization, size reduction, grading and sieving of dry, sensitive powders and granules in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Oscillating granulator plays an important role in the process of granulation in tablet making as quality of tablet is determined by the virtue of the granules used for its compression. Oscillating granulator can be used for wet and dry aspect of the granulation process quality of granules are better compared to other processing machineries like multi mill, comminuting mill etc.

What Are the Working Principles?

Oscillating Granulator has one rotor or two rotor with seven edges, which oscillate on horizontal axis at about 360 degree. There is one half round sieve mounted at the bottom of the rotor. Product is charged from the top through in feeding hopper and material falls on the rotor. The particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh. Due to the sharp edges on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening.

What's the Operation Process?

Single/Double Rotor
It is made by SS304 or SS316L with GMP standard, the rotor diameter is depended on model. A develped design of rotor suitable for TNT is available.
Adjustment Pipe
It has the function of fixing the screen sieve, including of left and right side. Changing the screen sieves is very easy.
Screen Sieves
JUNZHUO MACHINERY offers a variety of sieves available in the market today. It includes wire mesh sieves, perforated plates and nylon sieves to meet the most demanding customer's requirements.
Output Hole
JUNZHUO MACHINERY provides customized design for output hole, it is very convenient to match up with other machine.

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