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Since 2008

JUNZHUO MACHINERY was set up to 2008 with the objective to develop & provide process technology offering of international standards. We keep the mission of staying committed to innovation and by consistently exceeding customer expectations, helping companies do business more efficiently and profitably. Our customers range from small family run operations to famous companies. Regardless of customer size, our philosophy for each is the same, to achieve a creative process solution that efficiently and economically meets the requirements of the application with a smiling service.

Our dry granulation system comprising of roll compactor and cone mill, wet granulation system including of oscillating granulator ,basket extruder and screw granulator. All of the products have scale up capability from lab to production equipment, we make over 90% of our machine parts in-house, ensuring stringent quality control. JUNZHUO MACHINERY also provide mixing machine, crushing machine, grinding machine, sifting machine and other machines. The main motto of the company is to deliver best quality products at most economic price & excellent customer service after delivery.

Company Culture

We are well equipped to deal with the coming times in the pharmaceutical industry and are geared up to meet the challenges of the future by providing the most flexible solutions to meet the customer’s demands thus, sustaining reliable and long term relationship with customers at the present time and well into the future. At JUNZHUO MACHINERY, we not only provide machines, but also we provide complete solutions to meet various needs. Our commitment to quality and service will take us a long way from where we stand.

We are a team of passionate wealth builders who pursue excellence every step of the way to make our business more profitable for our customers. We believe that irrespective of any and all the factors affecting our business, we will maintain superior quality, a high degree of professionalism, complete honesty and transparency, and personalized contact with all of our customers.

These principles have enabled us to establish and maintain long-term business relationships with domestic and international customers. In addition, our ability to continuously improve also enables us to produce world-class products to meet the growing demand for quality and technological progress. Not just this, we have developed a core competency in providing high quality pharmaceutical laboratory (lab) machinery and equipment that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality and service we provide to our customers. This is the basis of our ongoing efforts to improve our productivity and profitability for our clients. We highly value our people giving them an adequate atmosphere to flourish and improve in their respective fields, which in turn helps us to enhance our own ability to serve in the best possible way.


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