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GK Series Roller Compactor

JUNZHUO MACHINERY GK series roller compactor consists of GK30, GK60, GK80, GK100, GK120, GK150, GK200, GK250, GK300, GK400 and GK500 model, covers a full range of outputs from 0.5kg/h up to 1200kg/h. Our roller compactor can meet the GMP standard and has CE certification.

We provide two kinds of roller compactors, one is normal type, and another is clean type.

Normal Type

The normal type roller compactor is an old and traditional model. The roller and granulating systems are inner structure. With the advantage of simple structure and stable performance, it is widely used in the low cleanliness requirement industry, such as chemical, pesticide, rare earth and battery industries. It is also suitable for single material of pharmaceutical industry. This series have large model, the electrical system is controlled by button.

General Speaking

Normal type one is suitable for low cost, single or few materials need to change. (GK30 to GK500)

Product Parameters

Output of sheet(kg/h)3~1020~10080~150120~200150~250200-350250-500300-700400-1000500-1200600-1500
Output of granule(kg/h)0.5~25~4020~5040~10075~100100-150100-300120-300150-400300-800400-1200
Granules diameter(mm)0.5~30.5~2.50.5~40.5~40.5~40.5~41~51~101~101~101~10
Total power(kw)
Feed Screw Speed(r/min)6~336~656~606~606~605~505~505~455~405~405~40
Roll speed(r/min)4~254~254~254~254~254~255~225~225~225~205~20
Overall size(mm)880*550*13001085*650*16001600*1000*23001800*900*23001880*1020*23002200*1050*23502500*2150*27502800*1800*29003000*2000*30003400*1800*35003500*1800*3500
Approx. weight(kg)750950180020002300280065006800700072007800

Clean Type

The clean type roller compactor is a developed and modern model. The roller and granulating systems are outside structure. The main advantage is easy to clean and maintain. The working process is directly, which is also very convenient to adjust the parameter during operation. This equipment keeps the working environment clean by collecting the dust. It is popular in the high cleanliness requirement industry, such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. The biggest model of this series is GK-200 dry granulator, the electrical system is controlled by PLC.

General Speaking

Clean type one is suitable for every application, just depends on your requirement and budget. (GK30 to GK200)

Product Parameters

Output of sheet(kg/h)3~1020~10080~150120~200150~250200-350250-500
Output of granule(kg/h)0.5~25~4020~5040~10075~100100-150100-300
Granules diameter(mm)0.5~30.5~2.50.5~40.5~40.5~40.5~41~5
Total power(kw)
Feed Screw Speed(r/min)6~336~656~606~606~605~505~50
Roll speed(r/min)4~254~254~254~254~254~255~22
Overall size(mm)880*550*13001085*650*16001600*1000*23001800*900*23001880*1020*23002350*1850*25502500*2150*2750
Approx. weight(kg)75095018002000230055006500


No water or any organic solvents;

No drying step;

Forming porous tablets ; allowing water to penetrate easily into the tablet;

Environmental-friendly roll compaction technique;

Low operational cost;

Minimized or avoided dust problems; improved the die filling during tableting;

Roll compaction/dry granulation suits hot, humid or poorly flowing environment;

Applied in powder densification;

Control particle hardness and provide granule integrity;

Control dust and reduce pollution, waste and cross-contamination.

Which Fields Can We be Used in?

In pharmaceutical industry, roller compaction has become the method of choice for dry granulation. Because of its reasonable design, the process technology can be almost completely disassembled without special tools. The movable design provides great flexibility during compaction feasibility studies and allows an easy maintenance.

Roll Compactor (RC Machine) , we usually called it dry granulator in Chinese , it is a versatile densification and dry granulation machine that produces uniform compacted sheets with consistent hardness and increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely designed rolls.

What Are the Working Principles?

Our roller compactor is equipped with a floating gap, which the smallest distance (gap) between the rolls is realized. In floating gap the distance between the rolls change according to the amount of powder provided. The force applied to the powder remains constant. This ensures that property fluctuations in the granules are reduced to a minimum.

The design employs two-counter rotating rolls force-fed with feed screws, with oscillating granulator to break powder ribbon and co- mill that's make them integrated. Dust collector, vibration sifter and vacuum conveyor can be provided according to your requirement.

What's the Operation Process?

Material is fed between two counter-rotating roll presses.
The rolls apply extreme pressure, to press the material into a sheet form.
This sheet of material is then fed through a granulator, where it is broken up into uniformly sized granules.
Output is depended upon the mesh size and material density.

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