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JUNZHUO MACHINERY offers equipment, system design and engineering for crushing, size reduction, granulating, mixing and screening to high containment applications. Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

JUNZHUO MACHINERY provides the cosmetic industry with some of the more reliable and accurate processing equipment. We offer equipment, system design and engineering for crushing, size reduction, granulating, mixing and screening to high containment applications.

Our GK series dry granulation roller compactor makes granules without any water or additive. Cone mills provide size reduction of medicines so that keeps the uniform granule size. Double screw extruders make fully compacted cylindrical shape granules. Our pulverizer s and grinders can make cosmetic materials into small pieces or fine powder, it depends on your required fineness.

Our mixers are available to mix cosmetic powders well, different kinds of sifters help you get the right size powder or granule, such as TALC, MICA, boron nitride, zinc oxide, calamine, iron oxide, ultramarine, chrome oxide, titanium dioxide powder, lipstick toner, pearl powder, Kaolin, organic pigments, etc.


High-quality TALC Makeup, light pink mineral resource with high whiteness and purity. Application: can be applied in foundation and make-up formula as filler to improve smoothness and glossiness.


High-quality natural MICA Makeup, MICA Foundation produced by unique refined process has excellent whiteness and purity. Superfine flaky crystal is soft, smooth and silky gloss. A good choice for high quality makeup products. Application: can be applied in foundation and makeup formula as filler to improve smoothness and glossiness.

Boron Nitride

Boron nitride Makeup is a kind of pure, soft and smooth powder synthesized by melamine & borate under 2000 ℃ high temperature with perfect crystallinity, better brightness and a very stable nature. It can be applied in foundation and make-up formula to improve skin sensory and glossiness.

Zinc Oxide

99.9% high purity zinc oxide Makeup, white and clean, sterilized through high energy rays and no radiation residue, can significantly increase the whiteness of foundation. Application: can be applied in mask mud, foundation, skin care and make-up formula, it helps to astringe pore and covering.


Pink tone, uniform granules, Calamine Makeup, Calamine Foundation with low impurity content. Application: can be applied in skin care, foundation formula, it helps to toning. Especially for baby care and sensitive skin care.

Iron Oxide

High-purity iron oxides have a bright, clean, pure color, excellent color strength and performance. Complying with the global cosmetic regulations and standards, which has stable hue and little color difference. Iron oxide premix slurries are grinded by special equipment, better dispersed, easy to use, better delicate finish.


High-purity ultramarine pigments are widely used in eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, makeup, lipstick, body and face. Ultramarine blue is also often used in black mascara and eyeliner.

Chrome Oxide

 It is an inorganic compound composed of chromium and oxygen , bright and stable. Excellent light resistance, durability and stability.

Carbon Black

High-quality carbon black, bright and stable. Carbon black is a dark black powder used as a pigment in cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

Titanium Dioxide Powder

Titanium Dioxide Makeup powder, high whiteness, uniform particle size. Titanium dioxide premix slurries are grinded by special equipment, better dispersed, easy to use, high whiteness and high demand on coverage.

Lipstick toner

It can helps improve color tinging, increases lipstick base color, creating beautiful lipsticks. EASY TO USE: The powder is delicate and easy to color. It is lightweight and compact, easy to operate. Suitable for making lip balm and lipsticks.

Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is considered “mineral makeup” because pearls are minerals (with amino acids). It makes an ideal face powder that diffuses imperfections and adds a shine-free luminosity.


Naturally occurring clay mineral (silicate of aluminum) used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties. Kaolin’s absorbent properties make it a popular ingredient in clay masks for oily skin.

Loose powder

Loose powders are a great option if you're looking to achieve a luminous, even finish, and their silkier texture means they often work better as setting powders to finish a look. The coverage provided by loose powders is light, and you are more likely to find mineral makeup in a loose powder rather than pressed.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is applied on the eyelids and under the eyes. Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to one's eyes, complement one's eye color, make one's eyes appear larger, or simply draw attention to the eyes. Eye shadow comes in many different colors and textures.

Organic Pigments

Organic pigments are derived from carbon rings and chains. But might also contain traces of metallic elements, which are inorganic in nature, in order to stabilize the component.  Since most organic pigments are soluble (either water or oil soluble), they can be utilized not only in solid makeup products (e.g. lipsticks), but also in aqueous products (e.g. nail lacquer, liquid makeups).


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