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Basket Granulator

JUNZHUO MACHINERY basket extruder consists of ZL series (ZL120, ZL-160, ZL200, ZL250, ZL-300, ZL-350, ZL-500, and ZL-550), ZK series (ZK160, ZK200, ZK250, ZK300, ZK350, ZK500), XZK series (XZK300, XZK350, XZK500, XZK600), covers a full range capacity of 5kg to 1000kg/h.

We offer 3 kinds of basket granulators for your application, one is ZL series, the other is ZK series, and another is XZK series.

ZL Series

The product is gently pressed to cylindrical granules, the granules will be more compact than YK series oscillating granulator.

In the product chamber of the basket granulator, two rotors operate in counter rotation. The upper rotor ensures good mixture and carries the material downwards. The lower extrusion rotor compresses the material and extrudes it through the screen sieve.

The basket granulator is often used in pellets with a porous structure and large surface area, easily dispersible granulate, such as drinks powder, sauces and soups, detergent, pesticides and so on.

General Speaking

ZL series basket extruder is the common type on the market, from lab scale to large production scale. (ZL120 to ZL550)

Product Parameters

Capacity  (kg/h)5-20100-150140-200140-400150-600150-850200-1000
Impeller Diameter  (mm)118198248268348498548
Hole Size  (mm)0.8-21-2.21.2-2.21.2-31.2-51.2-81.2-8
Motor Power  (kw)1.534-5.55.5-77.5-1118.522
Rotary Speed  (r/min)55505045403535
Overall Size  (mm)680*380*6801100*550*10501120*550*12001120*550*12001500*750*13501900*850*15802000*900*1580
Weight   (kg)10030035040050016001800

ZK Series

Basket Extruder models are available with capacities from bench level scale to over 1,000 Kg/hr.

Separate basket extruder designs for pharmaceutical and industrial applications are manufactured to meet industry standards.  All extruder models are easily cleaned and have appropriate shaft seals protecting the feed material from contamination.

The Basket extruder can be stand-alone or linked to aspheroinizer or a fluid bed dryer and continuous vibratory dryer to form an integrated system.

General Speaking

ZK series basket extruder is improved of cutting knives to control granule length. (ZK160 to ZK500)

Product Parameters

Capacity  (kg/h)30-10080-200100-250140-400200-600200-750400-1000
Impeller Diameter  (mm)148198248268348498498
Hole Size  (mm)0.8-31.2-31.2-31.2-31.2-81.2-101.2-10
Motor Power  (kw)2.244-5.57.5111522
Rotary Speed  (r/min)55454545454535
Overall Size  (mm)950*500*10001000*500*10301200*700*11001250*680*12501450*860*13501600*1200*15802225*1206*1600
Weight   (kg)20025040045085016001700

XZK Series

With our rich industry experience and knowledge, we are engaged in offering high quality Basket Extruder, this is a basket type extruder for pharmaceuticals, foods, confectioneries, fertilizers, chemicals, etc., which is matching GMP and simple constructions.

Basket has two faces of holes (Upper & lower), so even if one face is damaged, smooth operation can be done by using another face.

The blade can be lifted up and down for pre-mixing, so that the wet powder will be more uniform.

General Speaking

XZK series basket granulator is the unique design by our engineer, there is not only has cutting knives, the blade can be lifted up and down for better mixture. (XZK300 to XZK600)

Product Parameters

Capacity  (kg/h)100-350200-600250-750600-1300
Paddle Diameter  (mm)268348498598
Screen Sieve Diameter  (mm)1.2-41.2-41-101-10
Screen Installation Diameter (mm)300350500600
Main Motor Power  (kw)7.5111518.5
Assistant Motor Power  (kw)0.751.535.5
Lift motor power   (kw)0.370.551.11.5
Paddle Rotation Speed (rpm)45423535
Pressure Knife Rotation Speed (rpm)55504540
Overall Dimension (mm)1350*700*14701800*780*17002000*1250*22002350*1350*2150
Approx. Weight (kg)900110019002000


Extrudates well suited for Spheronization.

Continuous granulation into φ 0.8~10mm columnar granules.

Improvement of handling and dosing properties.

Low densification.

Low dust cylindrical pellets with large surface.

Good deformation properties.

Better particle size distribution.

Improved flow ability.

Easy disassembly for cleaning.

Which Fields Can We be Used in?

Agricultural Chemicals

Its low pressure extrusion systems are extensively used to produce extruded pesticides in the form of Water Dispersible Granules (WDG) and Water Soluble Granules (WSG). 

Products include:

> Herbicides

> Insecticides

> Fungicides

> Biocides

Food & Beverage Additives

> Flavors (chicken powder, sugar etc.)

> Powder drinks

> Beverage preservatives

> Colorants


It is used to produce high API drug pellets.

Products include:

> Chinese traditional medicine granule

> Pellets for special tabletting applications

> Immediate release pellets for sachets

Industrial Chemicals

> Catalysts

> Pyrotechnics

> Specialty detergents

> Detergent additives

> Absorbents

> Sodium benzoate

Other Products

> Animal antibiotics

> Feed additives

> Nutraceutical intermediates

What Are the Working Principles?

Wet mixed powder (raw material) is added into the feeding hopper. In the upper chamber of our basket extruders the counter rotating internal breaker bar system breaks larger clumps of wet powder to allow gravity to convey the wetted mass down into the bottom extrusion rotor arms which, in turn, densifies the material and extrudes it through the screen sieve. Formed materials are discharged without damage by our proprietary discharge chute design. After drying, finished product will be obtained.

What's the Operation Process?

The blade and rotary knife move in opposite directions, so that the wet powder squeezes out of the screen hole. By extruding, the wet powder makes into granules. (The blade of XZK series can be lifted up and down).
Rotary Knife
It is located under the blade, standard knives are curved. Only the rotary knife of XZK series can adjust the gap between knives and screen sieve, because the knives are bolted to a star.
Cutting Knives
Granule length can be controlled by adjusting the gap between cutting knives and screen sieve. A located pin helps the cutting knife to fix on the place.
Screen Sieves
The screen sieves are made by SS304, also it can be SS316L. The hole size is according to your requirement. A screen sieve is made by flange, plate and reinforcing ring.

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