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KZL200 New Type High Speed Granulator

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Cone milling is a gentle, low energy size reduction mill ideal for fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or fragile products. It alleviates traditional milling problems of noise, dust and heat generation as ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

 A number of different grinding media and drive arrangements are available. This enables us to satisfy individual process, operational, cleaning and installation requirements.

 Knife and the sieve mesh, and discharged through the sieve apertures. The size of ground particles can be adjusted by the sieve mesh number, the gap between rotary knife and sieve mesh, and the rotary speed.


Working Principle

The material to be processed enters into the feed inlet of the cone mill, which drops into the conical sieve chamber. The rotary knife rotates against the material, and grinds the granules against the sieve mesh surface. The granules are ground into particles by the shearing action produced by the rotary knife and sieve mesh, and then discharged through the sieve holes.

The Cone Mill is suited to dry, wet or fine milling in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and consumer goods industries.

The mill can easily be adapted for use on different products, simply by changing the granulating screen, presenting a cost-effective solution to your size reduction requirement.

Technical Data



旋簧长度Spring Length




整粒尺寸Granules Size


电机功率Motor Power


主轴转速Rotating Speed


重量Approx. Weight


外形尺寸Overall Size


Video link:https://youtube.com/shorts/1fw2FQmKD4c?feature=share

This is a customized design cone mill, the machine height is adjusable. It equipped with explosive-proof motor. The screen sieve hole size ranges form 1mm to 8mm, SS304 or SS316L is available.

If there is any question please contact with Cindy by email jz@junzhuojx.com


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