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Cone Mill Parts & Screens Cone Mill Parts & Screens

We have a large number of cone mill parts and screens, which can provide preventive maintenance for your processing equipment at any time. Whether you are a spare part or an emergency, our large inventory can be quickly shipped to you. At JUNZHUO MACHINERY, we can provide customized design and standard screen sieves with SS304 or SS316L.

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Our Range of Cone Mill Parts

All of our motorcycle abrasive parts are made of the highest quality materials and comply with all global, quality and hygiene standards and safety regulations.

We provide a wide range of conical mill screen sieve with round or square holes.  The replacement screen is made of #304 or #316 stainless steel. The round role ranges from 0.8mm to 8mm, square hole ranges from 3mm to 10mm.

Customized cone mill screen sieve made by etching sieve, The buttom part with holes.





Choosing a right hole size is depended on raw material and application.

As we known, the smaller of the hole size, the thickness of screen sieve is thinner.

It is better to stock more screen sieves if your require hole size is too small.

Any question please send email to jz@junzhuojx.com


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