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GK-30 Lab Pharmaceutical Dry Granulator GK-30 Lab Pharmaceutical Dry Granulator

GK-30 Roller Compactor is a small unit, which is suitable for lab research and testing. With thr capacity of 0.5 to 2 kg/h, it is very easy to use. All material contact part made by SS304, SS316L is available.

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GK-30 Roller Compactor is a small unit, which is suitable for lab research and testing. The Roller Compactor is designed to have 3 functions in one unit. These are compression, milling, and granulating. It is a simpler operation than wet granulation (mixing, pasting, kneading, drying, sifting, and granulation etc.)


Highly stable granules can be obtained without adding water or other liquid, the pressure of hydraulic system is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of materials, such as Chinese Medicine, Western Drug, Antibiotic Chemical, Agriculture Product, and Granules for compressed candies, chocolate, dairy products, seasonings, etc.


Compactor is a machine for dry granulation, which is made in full compliance with the requirements of GMP. All parts in contact with the product, as well as the frame, casing are made of SS304 stainless steel. The parts in contact with the product can be made of SS 316 steel. The surface is finished with polishing or inferior smooth processing.


1.Capacity:3-10kg/h(Output of Sheet)

       0.5-2kg/h(Output of Granule)

2. Output size:0.5-3 mm

3.Feed Screw Speed:6-33 RPM(Frequency control)

4.Roller Speed:4-25 RPM (Frequency control)

5. Granulating motor power:0.55kw(Frequency control)

6. Feeding motor power:0.37kw

7. Tableting motor power:1.5kw

8. Hydraulic power:1.1kw

9. Max. Pressure:6t

10.Overall Diameter:880*550*1300mm

11. Approx. Weight:750kg

1. Material is fed between two counter-rotating roll presses.
The rolls apply extreme pressure, to press the material into a sheet-like form.
This sheet of material is then fed through a granulator, where it is broken up into uniformly sized granules.
Output is depended upon the mesh size and material density.

GK-30 Lab Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

GK-30 Lab Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

Clean type one is suitable for every application, just depends on your requirement and budget. (GK30 to GK200)

ModelGK-30GK-60GK-80 GK-100GK-120GK-150GK-200
Output of sheet (kg/h)3~1020~100
Output of granule (kg/h)0.5~25~4020~5040~10075~100100~150100~300
Granules diameter(mm)0.5~30.5~2.50.5~40.5~40.5~40.5~41~5
Total power(KW)
Feed Screw Speed(rpm)6~336~656~606~606~605~505~50
Roll speed(rpm)4~254~254~254~254~254~255~22
Overall size (mm)880*550*13001085*650*16001600*1000*23001800*900*23001880*1020*23002350*1850*25502500*2150*2750
Approx. weight(kg)55075018002000230055006500

1.    No water or any organic solvents. Therefore, this method is especially attractive for drugs, which are moisture or heat sensitive.

2. Suitable for compounds that either have a low melting point or degrade rapidly during heating, as the method does not involve any drying step.

3. Forming porous tablets thus allowing water to penetrate more easily into the tablet. This leads to improved disintegration behavior of tablets.

4. Roll compaction technique provides an efficient and easily automated process, which is environmentally friendly.

5. Low operational cost.

6. Dust problems are minimized or avoided and the die filling during tableting is improved.

 7. Roll compaction/dry granulation can be used, if the drug or the excipient is poorly flowing or sensitive to heat or moisture.

 8. It can also be used for densification of powders prior to encapsulation.

 9. Control particle hardness and provide granule integrity during conveying and processing steps.

10. Control dust and reduce environmental risk, waste and cross-contamination.

After granulation(Different materials in different application). It is ok for testing raw material if you can send sample to us.

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