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YK-160D Pharmaceutical Machinery Sway Granulator YK-160D Pharmaceutical Machinery Sway Granulator

Oscillating Granulator is used for both wet and dry granulation process. Oscillating Granulators make quality of granules better. The unique oscillatory rotor action ensures high output and efficient granulation. Oscillating Granulators are available in Standard & GMP models with SS 304 / SS 316L Contact Parts. Explosion proof motor is optional in some special application.

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This is the most common granulating machine used for forming the required granule sizes from wet powder material, or crushing dried blocks into granules as you required. Thanks to the reliable performance, JUNZHUO MACHINERY YK160 series oscillating granulators are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic and nutrition industries.


The oscillating granulator made by JUNZHUO MACHINERY is known for its robust and durable structure, all contact parts of the machine including front portion is made out of SS 304 or SS316L, which can be mirror polished or dull finish. Working capacity is max. 400 kg / h depending on the material and mesh width of the sieve used. Usually it ranges from 1-5mm, other special sieves are available on request. An emergency stop helps to prevent injuries.


It is quite easy to operate and clean which ensures long life as well as great economy when it comes to the cost of screen. The oscillating granulator is fitted with castor wheel which helps in smart mobility. The machine is also highly flexible when it comes to different kinds of projects and can be used for high yield functions. These factors make this machine extremely user friendly.

Salient Features:

No hidden edges and dead points

Design to operate at maximum granule size

Minimum dust exposure

Emergency stop switch

Motor overload protection

Wheels with lock for easy movement during washing

Customized Design Option

Explosion-proof design 

PLC control 

316L for contact part or total machine

Quick opening arrangement 

Discharge distance from ground

Discharge hole design

Dust collector 

Hermetic seal  


Water chilling unit 

Model size from YK60 to YK350, YK-60 oscillating granulator is the smallest model, which can be used for lab testing.

Rotor SizePowerRotor SpeedOverall sizeWeight
1-15kg/h60 mm0.55kw65r/min430*190*475mm30 kg

YK-60 New


1-15kg/h60 mm0.55kw65r/min520*300*875mm60kg
15-50 kg/h80 mm 0.75 kw55 r/min 950*300*610mm80 kg
YK-10030-200 kg/h120 mm1.1 kw55 r/min700*400*1050mm150 kg
YK-14080-300kg/h140 mm2.2kw55r/min900*620*1050mm180 kg
YK-16050-300 kg/h160 mm3 kw60r/min850*820*1080mm210 kg
YK-160D100-400 kg/h160 mm5.5 kw55r/min950*780*1210mm300 kg
YK-160Z 100-400 kg/h160 mm5.5 kw40 r/min1160*720*1250mm450 kg
YK-250150-550 kg/h250 mm5.5 kw40-50 r/min 1150*820*1270mm600 kg
YK-250D 200-600 kg/h250 mm7.5 kw40-50 r/min 1250*950*1300mm750 kg
YK-250Z300-600 kg/h250 mm11 kw40 r/min1700*900*1350mm1000kg 
YK-320300-800 kg/h320 mm7.5 kw35 r/min1400*800*1500mm800 kg
YK-320D300-800 kg/h320 mm11 kw35 r/min1450*800*1500mm1050 kg
YK-320Z 300-800 kg/h320 mm15 kw35 r/min1700*900*1400mm1250 kg
YK-350400-1200 kg/h350 mm11-15 kw35 r/min2100*860*1540mm1250 kg

Oscillating Granulator has one rotor horizontal axis at about 360 degree. There is one half round sieve mounted at the bottom of the rotor. Product is charged from the top through in feeding hopper and material falls on the rotor. The particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh. Due to the sharp edges on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening. The granules can be produced in varying sizes depending on the employed sieve mesh.

YK-160D Sway Granulator With 5.5kw Motor Working Principle

JUNZHUO MACHINERY  offerrs all the spare parts, such as the rotor,screen sieve and hand wells. Screen sieves can be made by perforated plate or mesh sieve or nylon, it just depends on your requirement.

Screen Sieves

Nylon Sieve

Nylon Sieve

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Perforated Plate

Perforated Plate


Hand Wheels

Hand Wheels

Single Rotor

Single Rotor


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