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Calcium Hydroxide powder tested by GK60 Dry Granulator

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GK60 Dry Granulator

The GK-60 roller compactor is a clean type, a vertical product flow system uses a tapered feed screw to deliver the material to the fully contained compaction zone of the cantilevered rolls, increasing product yields and minimizing product fines. Roll compactor utilizes a unique roll system to compact powders into sheets or briquettes. The compacted sheets are milled to produce granules of a specific size. 



The material in form of powder passes through the two counter rotating rolls of roller compactor under very high pressure. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compact sheet or flakes of ingredients. These flakes or compact sheet of ingredients are reduced in size to obtain the desired grain size. The machine takes extra care to prevent the generation of fine during this process.

Calcium Hydroxide_副本.jpg

Final Granules

The granule size is adjustable by changing screen sieves.

JUNZHUO MACHINERY supply all the sizes as your requirement.

Technical Data

1.Capacity20-100kg/hOutput of Sheet

               5-40kg/hOutput of Granule

2. Output size0.5-2.5 mm

3.Feed Screw Speed6-65 RPMFrequency control

4.Roller Speed4-25 RPM Frequency control

5. Roller Size: φ150*60

6. Granulating motor power: 0.75KWFrequency control

7. Feeding motor power: 0.55KW

8. Roller motor power3KW

9. Max. Pressure160KN

10.Overall Diameter 1085*650*1600mm

11. Approx. Weight:750KG

Working video: https://youtu.be/Tqruc298gzg


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