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GK30 Lab type dry granulator

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GK30 Model



Main application:

The dry powder (moisture is between 0.5% and 5%) is pre-compacted and entrapped air is forced out along the side walls of the product hopper. The inherent advantage of the vertical hopper eliminates any requirement for a de-aeration system within the nip zone.

JUNZHUO Roller compactor has stable performance and easy to clean and maintain, it also improve the granule fluidity. In addition, this process is environmentally friendly. Also the roll compaction technique provides an efficient and easily automated process.

This equipment is widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, a major advantage of dry granulation over wet granulation is the absence of water or any organic solvents.

Working Video Link: https://youtu.be/qwGRfiaMyvc

Technical Data:

          Model:   GK30                            Capacity:  0.5-2kg/h

          Max. Pressure: 25Mpa                Roller Pressure:  6T 

          Output size:  0.5-3mm                 Granulating motor:  0.55kw

          Roller Speed:  4-25rpm                 Feeding motor: 0.37kw

          Feed screw speed: 6-33rpm          Tableting motor:1.5kw

          Overall Size: 880*550*1300mm     Hydraulic motor:1.1kw

           Approx. Weight: 750kg     



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