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Conical milling machine

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Cone mill / Conical Mill is used for achieving de-lumping, dispersion, De agglomeration, fine grinding, dry and wet milling uniform size reduction, sieving and mixing in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, personal care and cosmetics industries.

The product of the Comill / Co Mill is poured into the feed hopper of the Cone Mill. A revolving impeller transmits a whirlwind flow pattern to the supplied product into the machine, in a conical screen chamber.With the help of the outward dispatchment process the product is kept on being supplied to the “action zone” amidst the impeller and screen. Due to availability of superior air circulation and lesser action’s impact, no product heating during the process of granulation or sizing. The material is sized and instantaneously tangentially passed through the openings of the screen in the action zone. The completed product is then dispatched the milling chamber’s bottom.


This  type cone mill can be lifted up and down, so that it can adjust the output height.


  • Constructed from stainless steel for parts that are in contact with the product

  • cGMP, CE and FDA compliant

  • Produce less noise hence better working environmental conditions

  • Designed with different screens for a range of material reduction capabilities

  • Constructed with changeable screens for versatile production requirements



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