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GK60 roller compactor with vacuum conveyor

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Roll Compactor (RC Machine) , we usually called it dry granulator in Chinese , it is a versatile densification and dry granulation machine that produces uniform compacted sheets with consistent hardness and increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely designed rolls.


Working Principle

Our roller compactor is equipped with a floating gap, which the smallest distance (gap) between the rolls is realized. In floating gap the distance between the rolls change according to the amount of powder provided. The force applied to the powder remains constant. This ensures that property fluctuations in the granules are reduced to a minimum.

The design employs two-counter rotating rolls force-fed with feed screws, with oscillating granulator to break powder ribbon and co- mill that's make them integrated. Dust collector, vibration sifter and vacuum conveyor can be provided according to your requirement.



1. Material is fed between two counter-rotating roll presses.

2. The rolls apply extreme pressure, to press the material into a sheet form.

3. This sheet of material is then fed through a granulator, where it is broken up into uniformly sized granules.

4. Output is depended upon the mesh size and material density.



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