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Moringa leaf powder tested by ZK250 rotary granulator

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Testing Moringa leaf powder


Video Link:https://youtu.be/4xaLro-C7N4

Basket granulator

The product is gently pressed to cylindrical granules, the granules will be more compact than YK series oscillating granulator.

In the product chamber of the basket granulator, two rotors operate in counter rotation. The upper rotor ensures good mixture and carries the material downwards. The lower extrusion rotor compresses the material and extrudes it through the screen sieve.

The basket granulator is often used in pellets with a porous structure and large surface area, easily dispersible granulate, such as drinks powder, sauces and soups, detergent, pesticides and so on.

Working Principle

Wet mixed powder (raw material) is added into the feeding hopper. In the upper chamber of our basket extruders the counter rotating internal breaker bar system breaks larger clumps of wet powder to allow gravity to convey the wetted mass down into the bottom extrusion rotor arms which, in turn, densifies the material and extrudes it through the screen sieve. Formed materials are discharged without damage by our proprietary discharge chute design. After drying, finished product will be obtained.

ZK250 Model Technical Data

Model:   ZK250    

Capacity: 100-250kg/h              

Motor Power:  5.5kw

Screen Diameter: 248mm        

Rotation Speed: 45rpm

Granule Size: 1.2-3mm          

Overall Size: 1200*700*1100mm

Weight: 400kg      

Testing  Report


Moringa leaf powder(fine powder,supplied by customer)


The screen mesh size of ZK250 rotary granulator is Φ2.0mm.

Mixing powder( It is ok when it can be a mass by hand)
Final Granules(need to dry)


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