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YK-160SD Double Rotor Food Powder Granulator YK-160SD Double Rotor Food Powder Granulator

This is YK160SD double rotor oscillating granulator with 7.5kw explosion proof motor, it has safty protective grating. The screen sieve could be wire mesh sieve or perforated plate, SS304 and SS316L are available.

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The YK Series Double Rotor Granulator covers a full range of capacities from 200kg an hour up to 4500kg an hour, each of the granulating machines provides a convenient and cost effective way of turning powders into granules in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical ceramics or related industries. Suitable for wet and dry granulation, these oscillating granulators also can be used for breaking down agglomerates into granules.


The YK Double Rotor Series consists of the YK160S, YK250S, YK320S, YK350S and YK400S, with the number denoting the diameter of the machine’s roller. They each work on the same principle, involving an oscillating metal cylinder that acts against an easily changed metal mesh. With powerful motors, adjustable speed, and carefully engineered oscillation for maximum efficiency and minimum energy requirement, these machines produce granular materials of the highest quality and consistency. Small amounts of active ingredients and the liquid binder that locks the powder as granules to prevent segregation.


 All granulators in the series are built from stainless steel, and constructed to meet GMP standards. They are simple to operate and maintain, easy to clean, and designed to satisfy the stringent hygiene requirements needed for food production. They are also rugged and durable, with minimal maintenance needs, and will provide reliable operation for many years into the future.


Working smoother with the design of two groups of rotors, which can improve capacity effectively. We also can provide ODM&OEM production.

YK-160S Double Cylinder Oscillating Granulator

Model size from YK160S to YK400S, we can supply customized design for different requirements.

Rotor SizePowerRotor SpeedOverall sizeWeight
200-550kg/h160mm*25.5kw45r/min1150*720*1130mm650 kg


300-700 kg/h160mm*27.5kw40r/min1220*720*1220mm700kg
300-700 kg/h160mm*211 kw35 r/min 1350*800*1250mm780 kg
YK-250S350-1000 kg/h250mm*211 kw40 r/min1400*950*1520mm1100 kg
YK-250SZ400-1000 kg/h250mm*215 kw38r/min1550*950*1520mm1250 kg
YK-320S400-1200 kg/h320mm*211 kw35r/min1840*1060*1410mm1250 kg
YK-320SD400-1200 kg/h320mm*215 kw35 r/min1850*1060*1410mm1350 kg
YK-320SZ500-1200 kg/h320mm*218.5 kw35 r/min 2000*1060*1450mm1500 kg
YK-350S 500-1500kg/h350mm*218.5 kw35 r/min 2150*1100*1540mm1800 kg
YK-400S1800-4500 kg/h400mm*222 kw28 r/min2500*1680*1900mm2600kg 

Double Rotor Oscillating Granulator has double rotor with seven edges, which oscillate on horizontal axis at about 360 degrees. There is one half round sieve mounted at the bottom of the rotor. Product is charged from the top through in feed hopper and material falls on the rotor lades. The particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh. Due to the sharp edges on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening.

YK-160S Double Cylinder Oscillating Granulator Working Principle 

JUNZHUO MACHINERY  offerrs all the spare parts, such as the rotor,screen sieve and hand wells. Screen sieves can be made by perforated plate or mesh sieve or nylon, it just depends on your requirement.

Screen Sieves

Nylon Sieve

Nylon Sieve

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Perforated Plate

Perforated Plate


Hand Wheels

Hand Wheels

Double Rotor

Double Rotor

Our oscillating granulator can be used for making wet powder into granules, also it can crush dry blocks into small pieces.

Wet Powder into Granules

Dry Blocks into Small Pieces


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